Monday, June 8, 2015

Boo! comics

Boo! is a horror anthology series I've been with since its inception. These are published by Monkey Brain Comics and distributed by Comixology and this year we actually have a few surprises coming out. Here are pages from each of the comics I've had published with them over the years. 

Ascora Games

Unfortunately they're not around anymore but when they were, I designed two card illustrations for Ascora Games' card game for kids The Mad Scientist Game. Fun little projects to work on, and I included a lot of inside jokes in the first like my [H+]3 tattoo and a few nods to Spiderman. 

Credit Union Advertisements

These guys were where it's at. The National Credit Union Business Magazine has been very good to me over the past few years as one of my favorite clients to work with. These are some mini comics done for their promotional mailers as well as a logo designed for their Presidential Club discount run. 

Gouache Birds and Pocket Monsters

So....I've been experimenting with gouache birds. And also gouache Pokemon. Because reasons 

Marvel Redux Work

A few years ago I was asked to do a bunch of Marvel characters for their Redux Edition of the Encyclopedia and these are a few of my favorites. The guy who mastered the whole evil endeavor was my friend Jon Morris who is also the brilliant brain behind the Boo! Horror anthology comics by Monkey Brain Comics that I've been involved with 

Little Imagination Cakes advertisement

The year, 2012. The client, A Little Imaginations Cakes. The cake I bought with a portion of my earning? Red velvet. The horrendous sickness from eating the whole damn thing? Worth it. This mural was HUGE when it was finalized and it currently hangs in their base of operations in Middletown, CT. SO much fun making this bad boy, 

Plymouth Rock Teaching Comics

As I've detailed before, I used to do teacher-based comics for the fine folks at Plymouth Rock Assurance. These were sent in mailers and were also up online as mass emails and as a stand alone website that advertised their great rates for teachers. These were some of the coolest cats to work with and I seriously loved every minute of it. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Cryptid's Revisited

Home sick with a throat full of razor blades, so I figured I'd post this. My long time collaborator and friend Amanda Boucher and I have revisited our Cryptid series. A few years back we divvied up a few famous cryptids, myself illustrating Rawhead and Bloody Bones along with The Chupacabra and Amanda taking The Mothman. This time I've tackled the Jersey Devil and Champie and Amanda has taken The Skunk Ape and the Wendigo.